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What We Do

The best care

Primarily on request of the guardian and subsequently by the recommendation of the doctor a client is admitted for rehabilitation. No client will be allowed to keep money and valuables in his custody if any such is found it is returned to the guardian immediately. Clothes will be provided by the guardian at the time of admission. Client himself is responsible for looking after his belongings, the center will not be held responsible for any belongings left behind after the discharge of the client.  

We Offer

  • Dormitory accommodation with individual beds

  •  Air conditioned special ward

  • Separate decontamination ward

  • Hygienic cooking area with trained staff

  • Mini Pharmacy with trained nurses

  • Routine health check up by general physician at regular intervals

  • Periodic appraisal by psychiatrist on the basis of psychologist’s observation

  • Regular counseling

  • Visiting psychiatrist/general physician on call (24hrs)

  • Trained nurses with attendants (in house)

  • Nutritious meals thrice a day and evening snacks

  • Dining hall

  • Counselor’s cubicle

  • Family counseling

  • Community hall with surround sound system and gym facilities

  • Games and Recreational/Informative Therapies

  • Chapel with option to attend mass

  • Class rooms

  • Meditations & therapy room with audio/video/light effects

  • Yoga, Pranayam and Suryapranam by Experienced Yoga Therapist

  • All facilities and activities round the clock are monitored through CCTV

  • Excursions/ Day out

  • Follow-up programs with night care options

  • Referrals

  • Awareness/Sensitization programs and workshops on request

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