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Today our socio-economic trend has successfully minimized the difference of male and female activities towards all sectors like education, games, working in human welfare, doctors, engineers, pilots, soldiers. In each sector male and female are working together in a competitive environment.
On the other hand unfortunately in this competition some girls are involved in curiosity started to live a fast life with drinking, smoking and abusing different substances. These lead to an undisciplined lifestyle and their families are helpless to get them out from this culture. They cannot express it to relatives or neighbors for shame and social prestige. They cannot send them for treatment/counselling with a fear of their safety and security. 
Thakurpukur Charulata Welfare Society established a women rehabilitation center in the year 2013 to help these families by totally women operated organisation with full safety and security. A social welfare organisation like The Art of Living with their programs has helped us to run the society. All the clients are motivated through the programs/therapies and proper counselling can get them out from chemical dependency. Charulata rehabilitation center offers homely atmosphere for residential rehabilitation and motivates the clients’ to follow the program to recover from the abyss of chemical dependency. Besides this, this rehabilitation also provide treatment/therapies for behavioral/lifestyle problem, cyber related problems. 
Now hundreds of recovering addicts and well- wishers have extend their hands for the smooth running of the center with lot of alcoholics and addicts from outside of Kolkata. 


154 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Haridevpur, Sukanta Palley Kolkata 700082

CALL US: +91-9163555174/ 8961401111.


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