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Nowadays, in the context of rapid socio-economic development in the society everyone is busy for his own work and a large number of Senior Citizens after completion of their services, retiring from their work feeling lonely in the family though our society and Government have extended some facilities for them. But at home where their wards’ are not in a position to look after them constantly due to their career and services, going out and abroad, in spite of the physical constraints due to old age problems, they have no other options to stay alone with the hope of their wards’ return back. 

Charulata Welfare Society a social welfare organisation is working in different field of distressed people since 2013. Mr Soumen Banerjee, a social worker with some senior volunteers and well wishers inspired by the ideology of Mother Teresa as well as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of ‘The Art of Living’ in association with St. Joseph’s Rehabilitation Centre & Relief Services who are working in the field of addiction extended the services towards the welfare of Senior Citizen of the society those who are isolated in the family due to modern socio economic scenario. 

A Home for such Senior Citizens with modern amenities and also with open space, amusement park, lanes for morning and evening walk, shade for relaxation adjacent to the residential area is now identified for service towards the old aged people. Separate suitable accommodation for old aged male and female personnel is provided considering the physical condition, mental state. Experienced senior male and female attendant, cook for specified and prescribed diet engaged.  



154 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Haridevpur, Sukanta Palley Kolkata 700082

CALL US: +91-9163555174/ 8961401111.

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