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Elder Care

Who We Are

Nowadays, in the context of rapid socio-economic development in the society everyone is busy for his own work and a large number of Senior Citizens after completion of their services, retiring from their work feeling lonely in the family though our society and Government have extended some facilities for them. 

What We Do

Facilities for boarders


  • Dormitory accommodation 

  • Special accommodation (A.C. and non A.C.  Cabin)

  • Individual lockers/wardrobe

  • Free Wi-Fi/ communication facilities 

  • Hygienic cooking area with trained staff.....

Admission Details

Check our facility and the total atmosphere where we take care of the elder persons.

Environment plays a very significant part in this entire elder care procedure. The elder people deserves to enjoy and feel free on the surroundings, That is why the facility is designed in such a way.

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