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154 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Haridevpur, Sukanta Palley Kolkata 700082

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Alcoholism and Chemical dependency is a menace affecting many countries of the world including India. Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency is very rampant in Kolkata, majority of the inhabitants of Kolkata are suffering from alcohol and other drugs related problems. To keep in pace with this fast and modernised world most teenagers are prone to drugs/alcohol. St. Joseph’s rehabilitation is a Christian organisation working for the benefits of the society at large, inspires, motivates and most importantly reminds all of us of the needs of the society. St. Joseph’s is inclined towards the helping of the affected alcoholics/addicts playing the most significant role, enabling our services to those in need of changing lives.  St. Joseph’s Rehabilitation was founded by Mr John Pathickaden in 19th March, 1986. He was a teacher by profession and a recuperating alcoholic. After undergoing various International Training Programs on Alcoholism and Substance-abuse treatment Mr John Pathickaden was encouraged to establish a rehabilitation center in Kolkata. He excelled in counselling skills and how to identify alcoholism and drug addiction with people and how to help them and realized the need for a treatment center for those who were street dwellers and abandoned or disowned by their families. St. Joseph's Rehabilitation Center thus came into existence.
John Pathickaden approached Mother Teresa to establish the treatment center John faced an enormous pressure to generate funds because of the Government of India was not funding for any treatment center. Mother Teresa advised John to generate funds from the affected addicts/alcoholics to establish a home/rehabilitation center for them.
St. Joseph's is the first treatment center in Eastern India, Kolkata that offered and is offering now short/long term treatment. 
Therefore St. Joseph’s emphasize each person to go through the purification process of the mind and body to experience inner peace so that he can reinstate himself in the society.
 John Pathickaden after serving thousands of alcoholics and addicts for their recovery and placed the rehabilitation center as A Home Of Blessings For Many. 
Unfortunately on demise of Mr John Pathickaden on July 2003 his wife Mrs June Pathickaden took the responsibilities of the rehabilitation center with recovering addicts and alcoholics. Since 2010 former patient of the center Soumen Banerjee, along with Mrs June Pathickaden shared responsibility of running the centre with a modern view of treatment policies and therapies. In the year 2014 an ailing Mrs June Pathickaden left for Heavenly abode transferring the sole responsibility of St. Joseph’s Rehabilitation Center and Relief Services to Mr Soumen Banerjee as the Project In-charge as well as the welfare of the organisation.     
Now thousands of recovering addicts and well- wishers have extend their hands for the smooth running of the center with lot of alcoholics and addicts from outside of Kolkata. 


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